The Story of The Orange Elephant

The Story of The Orange Elephant

You must have seen our mascot The Orange Elephant. He was introduces to represent our company, our way of thinking and of our work. So he domesticated and Moga company cannot be without him anymore. Ever since he is with us he kindly helps, is friendly and obliging, courageous and steadfast.


The Orange Elephant

He is an Elepahant, so he is huge and heavy, but not in any way clumsy. Quite contrary, he can use his size and strength pretty well, when he lifts up trees and heavy freight with his trunk carefully relocates them in proper place. He is excellent with ground work, excavations and backfillings, he gladly enjoys installing big rocks in gardens. He uproots a tree when neccessary to make room for something new. He skilfully holds most tender of saplings and carefully plants them into proper spot. Moreover he can skilfully wind between the plants, gently walk the lawn and does not stain pavers. You can see it in the pictures he is always working with us everywhere.

The orange elephant is our regular feature. It presents power, skill, precision as well as longterm activity and reliability. He learns well, always obeys and knows how to cooperate. The Orange elephant is also smart and has solved many problems. With his help we manage to fulfil our tasks, where power and determination are indispensible.

The Orange Elephanst will accompany us for a long time. He has some new ideas, which are to be realised together. We keep track in time, follow modern trends, yet at the same time we base our business on experiences and knowledge from past years. In this matter The Orange Elephant is always there for us, since his big head helps us to carefully overthink things and does not have us to jump ahead recklessly.

Gardens also have their own peaceful, slow but for that reason long and prosperous life, that suits the Elephant. The Garden and The Orange Elephant are going to live together for a long time, monitor all four seasons and enjoy everything nice and good, that our nature offers us. Of course you are most welcome to join us.

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