With profesional garden skills and precise, careful work we will keep your garden to always be tidy, so that you do not have to worry about spending time for it. We are going to carry out the entire garden service, year maintenance layout, technical service and waste removal (branches, grass clipings).



You home lawn, park lawn, a footbal field or a green roof - we can and we do take a good care for everything. We mechanically aerate/verticulate your lawn, fertilize it with balanced fertilizers to fit your turf growing needs throuhgout the growing season; we maintain irrigation systems and restore damaged parts of the lawn. We can also take up regular mowing with grass clippings removal.

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Trees, shrubs and hedges

By woody plants, pruning is one of the most important parts of the maintenance. Trees and free-growing shrubs are prunned by hand or machines. For trimming hedges and some other type of shrubs we are equiped with premium machines and tools, thus doing our work safely, precisely and quickly. Of course we collect and remove all green waste.

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Fruit Plant

Special skills and indivudual plant surveys are required when pruning fruit plants, since this is the only way to properly prune and ensure high-quality yielding for years. By fertilizing fruit plants we focus on specific nutrient needs in different species so that we always use proper fertilizers.


Trees and shrubs grow at our nursery for several years!

Fruit plant conservation is directly related to pruning and fertilizing mentioned above. Our profound knowledge of plant disesaes, pests and physiological disorders enable us to recognize the potential problem in time and treat it properly. In the wast range of plant conservation methods we will find the right one and apply it profesionally and safely.


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Mixed ornamental orchards, ground covers and other plant nurseries

The care of perennials is somehow specific, as in many of these species above ground sections die away and are to be cut off in autumn. We clear the plantings in spring, thin the plants or plant some new ones. During the year some of them need pruning after blooming to retain their vitality and tidy look of the whole orchard. Perennials are pruned also for keeping them at proper size, thined too dense sproots and to prevent some disease infections.


We do for you all the orchard weeding and hoeing, thus giving your plants enough room for growth and keeping tour sites tidy. At that precision and regular care come first.


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