Consultations and Planning

Consultations and Planning

How to plan to successfully include various wishes and possibilities in your plot?

What kind of approach will help us to achieve the wished results?

Which plants and materials to choose and how will they perform?


Together we will find answers to these and other questions.


Each garden, lawn, surrounding of an office building or a public park is treated individually, as every one of them has its own characteristics, that make it different and yours. With a delicate sense of adding new elements to the site, with a holistic look on landscaping and with a feeling of individuality we create new images of your environment to help you to feel really at home.


Choice of plants and materials in plant nursery and garden centre Moga

Based on the site survey and first consultation you will be invited to our Garden centre, where you will be shown the plants and other elements suitable for your garden.

Site survey and consultation

You will express your wishes and visions, show us the problems and tell us what do you expect. Our experts/landscape architect will survey the site and gather exact data, also will listen to your needs and present his suggestions to you.


Making of garden plan and its presentation

With help of all gathered information we will place chosen elements in the site and define a its proper form and style.


Based on agreement we will make a layout plan of the garden, which will be found easy to understand, as we will explain the content to you thoroughly; in addition you will have an option of a computer-made 3D presentation.


Project idea LIDL Nova Gorica

Floor plan ideas

Final adjustments of the plan and your wishes with overall expertise

Together we will find most suitable solution for you, then we will make an offer, yet it is on your own to decide weather we are going to do the work in stages or entirelly.

3D presentation

3D presentation

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