Mechanised sowing with anti-erosion protection is a modern, highly sophisticated technology of grass planting. A liquid seed mixture is spread on the sowing surface using a machine. This method is widely useful, as well as quick and exact.


Seed mixture contains seeds, tactifiers, fetilizers, mulches and other materials that asure quick growth and immididate anti-erosion protection of seeds and surface. They also provide protection against weather and stick to various surfaces. Seed mixture contains materials that retain water and plant nutrients, asure adequate aeration of the surface layer and reduce erosion.



Hydroseeding seed mixtures

Added materials are selected to fit the site characteristics and are all biodegradable and safe for use in natural environment.

Garden centre on 3500m2

The method is very effective even on such surfaces where other methods fail. It can be used even in bad weather conditions. Providing the proper mixture, work can be done at almost any time of the year, except when ground is covered in snow. This technology allows us to establish vegetation on hillsides, on soils with low organic-matter content and in other most difficult circumstances. It can of course be used in any other cases, too.

Trees and shrubs grow at our nursery for several years!

Seeds of most various plant species (chosen to suit users needs and the terain) and different components are used to prepaire seed mixtures. This is to achieve the best results on all different soils and terrains, more or less favourable for grass growth, and to asure the expected final look of the surface.

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