Green Walls

Green Walls

Green walls are a technically, conclusively designed and a modern way space usage. They can be used as a green background on balconies and terraces, to embellish empty walls and in cases, where there is no adequate room for the usual site arrangement.


Their specific structure makes green walls ideal for incorporating them in modern, trendy outdoor and indoor design. In their ornamental value they are equal to other sites, also we can choose various plants, styles and sizes. A green wall can sensibly fit into existing sites or can be raised as an indivual garden element, bringing a touch of nature into an area. Green background of living plants significantly benefits Your moode and sparkles up the area, while valuable space is saved.


Green wall

Sajenje zelene stene

Functional advantages of green walls

Green wall is an ideal solution both from ecological and ornamental point of view, as it has features of built wall and lawn at the same time. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor premisses. It can be constructed to separate the space, block the views, embellish empty walls or wind protection and heat isolation. With the least use of space you get a practical and nice green area, a place for tough and durable living plants.

Garden centre on 3500m2

It can be constructed regardless of the surface, even on concrete, as the substrate for plants is in the very wall. Built-in irrigation system will take care of proper moisture and content of nourishments in the substrate.


Trees and shrubs grow at our nursery for several years!

It is appropriate ornamental plants, as well as growing herbs and vegetables.

As an alternative to a hedge: it takes less space, requiers far less maintenance, but functions even better than a regular hedge.

Green walls can be supplied in various shapes and sizes, building in different materials and special substrates and professional construction enable for the green wall to be adjusted strictly to your particular wishes and space demands.


Green wall

Outdoor green wall

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