Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

Watering or irrigation systems are an easy and effective sollution for regular water supply for plants. Such systems are used in football fields, golf courses and hippodromes, in atriums, parks, gardens and patios. In private gardens mainly the lawns and vegetable beds are irrigated, as well as fruit plants, decorative plantation, container and pot plants.


In lawns the pop-up sprinkler systems are used, which lift out of the lawn surface only when activated, otherwise are being completely hidden and mowing- or walking-safe. For vegetable gardens, fruit plants orchards, container and pot plants drip irrigation system is usually more suitable, in which water permeates directly through soil not wetting its leaves.

Most important factors for accurate and effective function of watering system are proper arrangement of irrigation units (drips or sprinklers), exact water-regulation methods, option of activating separated segments individually according to plant needs, and profesional service of the system. The amount af water as well as the time of irrigation can be regulated with help of rain sensors, which additionally minimizes your care to supply plants with water.

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Accurate work at realisation, at installing the system, pipe laying, placing of irrigation units and connection of the parts, is the key to the correct working of the whole system. At our company we have many years of experience in laying and maintaining watering systems for areas of different sizes and types. Our expert knowledge, accuracy and quality of work make us capable of providing watering solutions for just any garden or other green area. You may rely on us for installing and upgrading the system as for its regular service and maintenance.


Trees and shrubs grow at our nursery for several years!

We supply watering systems constructed by the RainBird company, reputed for its long tradition of constructing and improving watering systems for both domestic and comercial use worldwide. Their main advantage is the economical use of water sources and an exellent adaptability to size and type of the irrigated area.



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