Lawn Turf and Sowing

Lawn Turf and Sowing

Carefully grown turf available in roles is nowadays widely accepted way of starting a lawn and has several advantages than starting a seed lawn. Pre-grown turf in roles has already developed dense root system and it is evenly grown and vigurous.


With immidiate effect you do not need to wait for seeds to germinate and for the grass to grow. In a dense, compact turf weeds cannot grow so quickly and it is ready to use much earlier than sown grass. Laid turf is even and flat, which is hard to achieve in sown grass.


Lawn Turf


It is not possible to keep the turf tidy and in good quality in a long term without regular maintenance. Mowing, balanced fertilizing, care of appropriate irrigation and eventual aeration are the main means of keeping the lawn as thick and even for years as it was in the first year after laying.

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The turf we offer is grown and nurtured under constant care of experts. Only the best-quality seed is chosen for it, some certified grass hybrids are used too suitable for our environment and climate.


Trees and shrubs grow at our nursery for several years!

If you decide to grow lawn from seed, we are here to offer you the best collection of special grass seed mixtures. These are chosen regarding to the soil, microclimate and intended use of the lawn. We clear and level the ground to make a firm seed-bed, then we precisely sow the grass seed. Just as with laying turf lawn, proper maintenance is a key to a tidy and qualitative lawn.

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