Biovin powder |Humified grape extract|NPK: 1,8-0,6-0,35|20 kg|PHC|

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Description Biovin powder |Humified grape extract|NPK: 1,8-0,6-0,35|20 kg|PHC|

Biovin is based on the organic remains of the grape pressing process (grape must). The humification of the grape must creates a product with organic plant nutrients and a great number of beneficial mi-cro-organisms, including the important nitrogen-fixating bacteria (actinomycetes) and SAR (Systemic Aquired Resistance) microbes. They improve resistance and tolerance for abiotic stress.

Biovin promotes the uptake of mineral fertiliz-ers and prevents nitrate leaching. The nitrates are converted into ammonium nitrogen for the plants.



  • contains essential bacteria and fungi,
  • beneficial effect on ecosystem in the potting soil,
  • positive effect on plant growth,
  • positive effect on harvest quality,
  • easy to mix,
  • great diversity in spore elements,
  • guaranteed free of weeds,
  • prevents high nitrate levels in plants and in the soil.







Humidified grape extract

100 %


Growing in containers

3 kg/m3




Vegetables, fruits, berries 

1.000 kg/ha





100 g/m2




Green plants                   

80-100 g/m2



PHC Biovin powder is an organic fertilizer and is permitted for use in organic farming in accordance with EU Regulation 834/2007. This product is registered with FIBL, SKAL and Ecocert.

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