Pruning trees

 Pruning trees

Tree injuries, caused either by wind, snow, vehicles or other must be carefully examined and treated. The sooner this is done, the lesser consequences the tree feels.


When tree overgrows, becomes dangerous or when we just want to reduce its height, to elevate or narrow treetop, in such cases special pruning and sawing techniques must take place.


In the process we use modern, highly specialised equipment and significant concern is undertook for safety of workers and working environment. So in most cases improper growth and injuries can be corrected and so preserving the tree.

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But after a such, often radical pruning, special maintenance of the tree in following years is crucial. Treetop must be formed gradually over again and new, too densely grown young branches are to be thinned. For this we frequently use special ropes to bind some branches and tree peaks in order to reduce the threat of breaking the branches and to maintain tree's stability.

This entire process is based on a thorough examination and careful preparation.


Trees and shrubs grow at our nursery for several years!

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