klematis "Spiky"

Latin name:
Srednje velika, zmerno rastoča listopadna vzpenjavka (V 2-3 m Š 1m). Listi pernato deljeni (8-15 cm), zeleni, listni rob narezljan. Cvetovi zvončasti (8-12 cm), enostavni z veliko ozkih, elišsastih venčnih listov modro-vijolične barve . Cvetenje: julij-september. Najbolje uspeva na rahlih, globokih, humoznih, zmerno vlažnih, dobro odcednih tleh, na sončnih do polsenčnih rastiščih.
  • These plants grow well in sun or in partial shade. Usually they tolerate more sun and heat if given enough moisture; in partial or light shade they need less moisture.

  • Decidious have woody stems (i. e. tree trunk and branches) and are also called woody plants or trees. Leaves are normally broad, soft and thin.

  • The plant develops new leaves or needles every spring, which dropp off in autumn. Herbaceous plants can die completely in above ground section and grow back in the spring.

  • Plant can in otherwise appropriate environment survive cold down to - 18 °C.

  • Moist soil usually contain morefine clay parts and less sand, more humus and organic materials, they are somewhat heavier, but not hard; water does not run away quickly but stays among soil particles and is long available to plants. There is no stagnant water, soil is airy enough. Drought occurs rarely on such positions. Plants are given more or less permanent, moderate moisture.

  • A plant that requires support to grow in height. It can attac to support by special adhesive roots, or twist the stems around the support. We help them to climb with ropes or wires. Climbers may be woody or herbaceous, evergreen or deciduous, they also have different life cycles. Woody climbers are normally included in group of shrubs, the herbaceous ones on the other hand are grouped with annuals, biennials or perennials, according to their life cycles.

  • Among described plants in this category we marked those, which are particulary resistant (to various environmental conditions), do not require much maintanance and thereby suitable fot planting in public areas.
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Clematis "Spiky" |60-80|C2,5

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Produced in C2,5
Height 60-80 cm
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Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Cvetoče in zeleno okrasje pergol, latnikov, ograj in zidov nam omogočajo vzpenjavke. Med najbolj pogostimi so sroboti (Clematis), vrtnice (Rosa), kovačniki (Lonicera), trobentovka (Campsis), glicinija (Wisteria), bršljani (Hedera) in trdoleske... next...
Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Rod srobotov ali klematisov (Clematis) obsega poleg bolj znanih lesnatih vzpenjavk tudi nekaj vrst zelnatih trajnic. Na vrtovih najpogosteje srečamo lesnate vzpenjave srobote v številnih sortah. Stebla so dolga, lahko zelo gosto razrasla in... next...
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